Full Gulmarg

Welcome to Gulmarg. Here we have snow clad peaks, mountains, slopes altogether open from December to April, offering ski rental, heli- skiing, high altitude skiing, touring, powder skiing, ice skating among others for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an extreme skier you have got the right place. We also have excellent facilities for cross-country skiing, sport tours and extreme sport experiences. If you want to ski down Mount Affarwat, ski in the Backcountry, ski without any trees or traverse the mighty Alpines, we offer you the right topography to quench your thirst for winter adventures. The terrain of Gulmarg recieves enough snowfall for anyone to shout powwww. Fair enough but one needs to know the navigable/skiable areas of this vast topography. Our guides are the best bet for a sound and safe experience.



The primary objective is arrrival in Srinagar, followed by lunch in Srinagar itself or in Tangmarg (depending on client's wish).


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What follows is a general flow of events. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be flexible.

Full Gulmarg Off- Piste Tour: 7-10 days

This package is meant for experienced and adventurous who wish to experience each day as new. As far as this package is concerned this is the most power filled pack of all due to the fact you get to practically experience a new vertical slope of your wish every time you put on your ski/snowboard. So as we say adrenaline lives!
Here we don't follow a regular itinerary, no dictionary for that. The client chooses their favourite vertical slope for the day (we can guide) and this becomes the itinerary itself. Yeehaa! The company's experienced guide will channelise the best prospect for the day.

• Gondola Main Bowl
• Gondola Phase 1
• Gondola Phase 2
• Gondola Phase 3
• Mary's Shoulder
• The Sheenmai Bowl
• The Chooti Naali run via Paper trees
• Sun Shine (Heli Ski)
• The Choola Ridge
• The Shaggy Bowl
• The Army Ridge
• The Trajan Bowl
• Hapat Khued Bowl
• The Saffron Bowl
• The Drung Bowls
• North/South Affarwatt Bowl
• Bihari Pole Run
• Khilanmarg 1
• Khilanmarg 2
• Khilanmarg 3
• Khilanmarg 4
• Smith Top
• Over the Frozen lake
• Nanga Gully
• The Four Sisters
• Bootapathri 1
• Bootapathri 2
• Bootapathri 3
• Shark Fin
• The Camel Hunk
• The Great White
• Doggy Choti
• Tangmarg Run
• Monkey Hill
• Willie's World
The Backlands The Circumpolars