Kongdoori/Mary Shoulder Run

Welcome to Gulmarg. Here we have snow clad peaks, mountains, slopes altogether open from December to April, offering ski rental, heli- skiing, high altitude skiing, touring, powder skiing, ice skating among others for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an extreme skier you have got the right place. We also have excellent facilities for cross-country skiing, sport tours and extreme sport experiences. If you want to ski down Mount Affarwat, ski in the Backcountry, ski without any trees or traverse the mighty Alpines, we offer you the right topography to quench your thirst for winter adventures. The terrain of Gulmarg recieves enough snowfall for anyone to shout powwww. Fair enough but one needs to know the navigable/skiable areas of this vast topography. Our guides are the best bet for a sound and safe experience.



The primary objective is arrrival in Srinagar, followed by lunch in Srinagar itself or in Tangmarg (depending on client's wish).


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What follows is a general flow of events. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be flexible.

Day 1

Change of transport (taxi/cab etc) in Tangmarg. The change is due to the fact that vehicles from here are only allowed if they are apt for driving through deep snow conditions. So appropriate transport facility will be provided from here till Gulmarg.
On arrival to the destination i.e. Gulmarg, clients will be taken to their respective pre-booked hotels/lodges/huts etc.
After a brief resting period of 2-3 hours the client will be accompanied by our team member for hiring the appropriate skiing/snowboarding kit.
This will be followed by a brief instruction/lecture by an experienced team member about how to carry on with the course/trip etc.

Day 2

Our day starts with Gondola Cable car transporting us up till Phase 2. Uptil Gondola Phase 1 one can walk or hire a taxi/cab. A trainer or guide is a must as the terrain starts to get more vertical here as the altitude also increses. Depending on client's experience one can ski/board from Mary Shoulder ridge all the way down to Phase 1 accompanied by a knowledgeable guide/trainer.

Lunch timing is 1300 hrs.

This region is fairly vast laden with both powder snow and machine beaten tracks to facilitate the rider.

This region is fairly vast laden with both powder snow and machine beaten tracks to facilitate the rider.

The rest of days of the course will be spent here gliding and traversing the vast landscape.

At 1600 hrs we call the day off, mostly due to windy conditions and halt in the Gondola.

On the 6th day sight seeing and other activities is a fair option to relax ones senses and with some photography to take back some happy memories.

The last day which is the departure, will commense according to your flight timings. We preffer to start early as one can expect traffic jams on the way to the airport sometimes.
Wishing you a happy and safe journey.