Yusmarg Trip Information



Approx. 47 km from Srinagar, Budgam district of Jammu Kashmir.


River streams, beautiful Nilnag Lake, lush green meadowsand numerous peaks for trekking etc.
The valley of Yusmarg is approximately 47 km from the summer capital of the state Srinagar and only a two-hour drive to this picturesque place. Green pastures stretching across the land, filled with densely populated forests full of pine trees, covered with splendid snow covered mountains are a treat for any traveler. It is also the best place for family outings and excursions. Also nature walks, camping, trekking for enthusiasts.


• TREKKING TosaMaidan is an incredibly large meadow filled with green lush grasslands and forms a moderate route for trekking purpose. If one explores the outer length and breadth of this land one can reach another famous hill station of Gulmarg and Poonch valley. These incredibly picturesque valleys are connected via thin routes traversing from one hilly ridge to another and one can even witness some fresh water springs in this valley of Yusmarg. The landscape of this place is all natural with ample opportunity for many outdoor activities including skiing, trekking, long nature walks, camping etc. Adventure groups can stay in and around this place from a week to many fortnights and enjoy themselves in this virgin nature.Travelers on a tight schedule can plan day treks which is mostly customary. Others who wish to explore the rich culture and wanderlust can stay in personal tents.
We have been undertaking numerous expeditions in and around Yusmarg to numerous peaks. The Nilnag Trek for instance is a beautifully curated adventure to the spectacularly calm Nilnag Lake amidst thick alpine tree cover. The distance to cover varies from 4-5 km. depending on the particular track you undertake to reach the destiny.People on a tight schedule fit this plan and also families who wish to take part in a small adventure.Nilnag Lake is a picturesque one located at an altitude of 2180m above sea level. To reach one needs to cross some dense alpine forests and a fair amount of trekking en route. Nilnag Lake is surrounded with lofty hills which house some of the prominent peaks in the Pir Panjal mountainous range namely Tata Kutti, Sang-e-Safed amongst others. One can easily camp around these parts and witness the beauty of nature in its raw form. The water of the lake is crystal clear blue in color, which gives the lake its name Nilnag (Neel for blue and Naag for spring).
Another awesome curated trek leads from the meadows of Yusmarg to the frozen lake in Sang-e-Safed valley. This is a full day trek and the distance to be covered is almost 10 km vertical. The frozen lake derives its name as most of its portion remains covered under ice throughout the year.This oval shaped meadow is bisected by River DoodhGanga.The valley of Sang-e-Safed serves as our base camp for trekking to TattaKutti Mountain.
We plan many trips with our clients to Sang-e-Safed all around the year (also special photography tours). The terrain is covered with thick alpine forests and we backpack quietly in groups with our experienced and authorized guides to this place. We stay in tents, roam around, and take pictures among many activities. As we say experience the true virgin nature of Kashmir with We The Backpackers.
• OutingsFor outing Yusmarg is one of the best places. From personal experience this place is one of the sparsely occupied and best for anyone who wants to feel the calmness of nature with minimal crowd control. Enjoy a calm laid-back stroll amongst flower-strewn meadows or witness the gushing waters of river Doodh Ganga. The river is filled with huge rocks and the water current is so strong that the river makes a little white foam, when water hits these rocks which gives it this name. Also this place is aptly suitable for angling activities.
We provide extensive travel and expeditions around these parts. Book with us and let us showcase some of the unknown natural picturesque regions of Yusmarg.
At a distance of about 13 km from Yusmarg is The Charar-e-Sharif, the shrine of holy saint Sheikh Noor-ud-Din or NundReshi.Charar-e-Sharif is regarded as one of the most sacred Muslim shrine in Asia. The distance to this shrine is about 40 km from the summer capital Srinagar. The ancient architecture of this shrine is approx. 600 years old, which was built to commemorate Sheikh-Noor-ud-Din Norani, a profoundly honored Sufi Saint.This shrine witnesses heavy rush from people of all faiths and sects to seek divine blessings. Yusmarg enthralls tourists with its scenic meadows, green lush pastures, a sparkling reservoir and mountains even comparable to European Alps. Also this region houses multi-colored unique spring flowers surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Pir-Panjal region like Tatakooti 4725m, Sunset Peak 4746m and the Romesh Thong 5000m. The word Yusmarg literally means Meadow of Jesus `Yus’ is said to be a short form of Youza or Jesus PBUH and `Marg’ means a meadowand according to an ancient narrative Jesus PBUH is said to have passed through Yusmarg en route to Kashmirvalley.
Horse ridingis one of the major activities in whole of Jammu and Kashmir region including Ladakh. It is quite fun filled and one can quickly cover a long distance on a horse back. In this part of the valley horse riding is comparably cheaper as compared to other tourist destinations. This place is also favored by couples and families due to the fact this is one of the quiet spots in the valley and can be great fun for likeminded. Families enjoying horse riding can be easily spotted in this region and also landscape photographers who want witness raw nature with minimum indulgence from crowds.
Aharbal waterfall:Beautiful meadows, lofty snow clad mountain tops, virgin valleys and pristine lakes, splendid nature all around is how you feel when one thinks about Aharbal Waterfall.Aharbal is one such picturesque hill station in the Kulgam district of Kashmir Valley surrounded by pine and alpine covered Pir Panjal mountain ranges. Due to its sheer volume of water it is also referred to a Niagara Falls of Kashmir. Drive to this waterfall is about 3 hours from Srinagar with rock climbing and fishing as main attractions. Due to its slippery terrain it is advisable to wear rubber soled shoesand be wary of its strong water current.
Prior permission from the Fisheries Department of Kashmir is mandatory if one wishes to do some fishing here. With the end of winter season starts the season for fishing in Kashmir, India and the best season for fishing in Kashmir is from April to October.Only artificial flies are allowed and each license entitles the angler to keep six fish a day, none being shorter than 7.5 cm. Tributaries and water channels near the mainstream beats also provide some fishing throughout the season.
Equipments For equipment and gear one needs to contact the administration and Fisheries department for permit and fishing gear like fishing rods and flies which are one of the important requirements for fishing in Kashmir, the generally used flies in Kashmir are Peacock, March Brown, Butcher, Jinger Quill, Coachman, Woodcock & Green and Watson's Fancy.