The primary objective is arrrival in Srinagar, followed by lunch in Srinagar itself or in Tangmarg (depending on client's wish).


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What follows is a general flow of events. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be flexible.

Day 1

Change of transport (taxi/cab etc) in Tangmarg. The change is due to the fact that vehicles from here are only allowed if they are apt for driving through deep snow conditions. So appropriate transport facility will be provided from here till Gulmarg.
On arrival to the destination i.e. Gulmarg, clients will be taken to their respective pre-booked hotels/lodges/huts etc.
After a brief resting period of 2-3 hours the client will be accompanied by our team member for hiring the appropriate skiing/snowboarding kit.
This will be followed by a brief instruction/lecture by an experienced team member about how to carry on with the course/trip etc.
Collection of Gondola tickets at the base station.
(Tickets can be booked online for the next day, we can help if the client wishes) The Gondola Cable car will transport us all the way upto 14,000 ft above sea level. This is the point where our backcountry adventures start.

Day 2

The 2nd day we start at around 8:00 in the morning, walk or hire a cab/taxi till Gondola base station.
The first run is on Gondola Phase 1 route. The run is mainly to check the stability and ability of the client to travel to the backcountry. Also on this day a full training on using avalanche equipments like beacon, probing etc is provided by our experienced guides. The training will happen mainly at the middle station in Kongdoori which is the first halting station for Gondola cable car.
The training and brief usually goes for 1-2 hours accompanied by one skiing/boarding run till Phase 2.

Day 3

We start at around 7:30 in the morning and the Gondola will transport our group of client (s) accompanied by an experienced guide to the top of Mount Affarwatt. The 1st run happens through fluffy Main bowl of Gulmarg, followed by the Choola Run. After lunch the North bowl is pleasant to be traversed through.

Day 4

Day 4 begins as usual 7:30 in the morning, with the Cable Car transporting to Mount Affarwatt Top. Here we will start with the Shaggy bowl run, then the Army ridge followed by Trajan Bowl run. Lunch at around 1300 hrs. With time remaining some other naearby slopes can be covered till 1500 hrs when we call this day off, due to windy conditions on these slopes as the sun begins to set.

Day 5

Day 5 begins with flowing through off-piste powder snow on the Saffron Bowl. The second run till Drung where we have our lunch. (Everyone in the group is expected to carry lunch and water plus some carbs with them)

Day 6

6th day is reserved for covering the North and South aspects of Mount Affarwatt. Another major run till Khilanmarg via Bihari Pole. Khilanmarg 1,2,3,4 ridges will be covered on this day.

Day 7

Day 7, we start early and tour all the way to Simith Top (above 14k altitude). This place lies at the epitome of all the points/places mentioned earlier. From this Top we run towards the Frozen or Alpather lake through the best powder snow in the whole world. This place is filled with small ridges, cliffs and bumps. Also some of the best high altitude touring is a native of this place all the way to Nangaa Gully.

Day 8

Day 8, Touring to Simith Top and skiing the Four Sisters (peaks) to Boota Pathri. Another long runs to satisfy ones crave for high altitude fluffy pow.

Day 9

Day9, Touring to Smith Top (1-2 powder runs) from Gondola G4 station. Then touring all the way via Frozen Lake till Grave yard of Moosa. Some nice powder filled runs over cliffs, bumps, and humps till Bootapathri 1,2 and 3 altogether. After reachinf Bootapathri 3 we have to walk tio Gulmarg main so clients are advised to carry their walking boots/shoes with them in their backpack. Vehicular movement is sometimes restricted due to army area.

We begin by touring from G4 station to Smith Top and enjoy its deep long verticals followed by skiing at mighty Shark Fin North and South ridges, traverse through awesome fluffy powder snow all the way towards Snow Leopard phase.
Clients are advised to carry lunch along with their walking boots in their backpack.

Day 10

Day 10, we tour to Smith Top and ski some heavy vertical ridges and then the steep 3rd face of Shark Fin. Camel Hunk and Great White follow the list as some of the heavy vertical ridges are available on these peaks. Pow Pow!

(It again feels mandatory to mention that these mountain ridges are awefully vertical and only meant for experienced skiers and boarders. Also the avalanche advisory provided beforehand by gulmarg rescue team should be adhered at all times. Following the local guide is must as they are well aware about the skiable areas in this topography)

Day 11

Day 11, is reserved for long steep vetical runs accompanied by some sharp turns and jumps on the peaks of Doggy Chotie. All the day is adrenaline filled and fun as we make our last run till Nangaa Gully.

Day 12

Day 12, is reserved for the Baba-Reshi jungle run. As already mentioned about the particulars of this run (skiiable areas) this power packed run follows through great alpines, deep cliffs, thickly populated jungle, jumps and bumps, in short all the spices to flavour one dish. The snowy conditions are much more powdery in this region of Gulmarg due to the fact this area is thickly forest covered with comparably less direct sunlight but remember to follow the guide.
We will start by hiring a taxi/cab and cover the outer half of Gulmarg till Childrens park or CM's Hut from where our steep ridges will guide us all the way to Baba-Reshi.
(Carry your walking shoes, lunch can be arranged at Main Market Baba-Reshi, Taxi/cab will bring us back to Gulmarg ) If the guide decides and time remains skiing till main Tangmarg will add icing to the cake. Although the steep verticals start to flatten at points.

Day 13

Day 13, On this day we start at around 8 o'clock and hike towards Monkey Hill. The two faces/ridges of this hill are fun filled and quite technical (Details on Skiiable Areas). One can hike and ski all the day here or move to our next menu on the list list i.e. Willie's World which is also a good powder filled area. The company guide will accompany to show the route and the best available snowy stuff.

Day 14

Day 14, The last day which is the departure, will commense according to your flight timings. We preffer to start early as one can expect traffic jams on the way to the airport sometimes. Wishing you a happy and safe journey and hope you enjoyed. Shout pow pow along the way :)