Kashmir’s Great Lakes trek is one of the biggest outdoors adventure high altitude trek one can undertake either as an individual or as a group. The surrealism of this amazing adventure lies in its enchanting topography beautiful blue skies, lush grasslands, snow clad alpine mountains, rocky terrains all pristine and untouched from outside world leading to seven grand glacial lakes blending perfectly in this topography; truly larger than life experience. A league of its own.

Difficulty Level!

The ambitious high altitude trek can be rated from medium to difficult. With everyday a distance of more than 10 kms of terrain to cover can be toilsome for most. Key to enjoy and relish this Mother Nature’s phenomenon lies in everyday physical exercise and workout. All this said because this trek consists of three major passes accompanied by heavy accent and descent which can be tough for weaklings and at times emergency can take quite a time.

This trek is for!

Beauty and magnificence of Kashmir in its raw form is sincerely evident from this amazing trek. Urban life has taken a toll of you or your daily life has become utterly monotonous, technology and pollution have cost you dearly, you are an adventurer. A thousand reasons one can site just to witness the everlasting unadulterated beauty of Kashmir. The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is truly one of the greatest authentic high altitude trek in whole of Asian continent. Over 8 days, seven lakes, high altitude, mixed topography all great things in one place. But enough kudos seriously! In order to enjoy this trek an equal amount of preparation need to be done before hand. As already said daily physical exercises including running, jogging and regular workouts are a must for successful completion of this trek.

Adventures of the game!

All those who want to be part of this adventure remember an altitude near 14,000 ft. needs to be covered where High altitude sickness/Acute Mountain Sickness can befriend easily. So, remember to have a thorough knowledge of such things and how to avoid any related causalities. Good physical condition is a must for undertaking this adventurous trek. Daily exercises, jogging, running, workouts are essential. Also deep breathing exercises will help as you will encounter very thin air at the summit. Strong robust backpacks are required to carry all your belongings, just be sure to carry things that are only absolutely necessary no excess baggage.

  • Snacks/ Energy Bars/ Dry Fruits As needed
  • Personal Medical Kit As required/ prescribed from your Doctor
  • Water bottles or bladder, 2 liters total capacity (A)
  • Ear plugs
  • Contact lenses and glasses if you wear contact lenses
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm (A)
  • Toiletries, and a small washcloth in stuff sack (bandana can serve as a washcloth) (A)
  • Headlamp, spare batteries (preferably an L.E.D. type that works with AA or AAA batteries) (A)
  • Camera, spare batteries (optional)
  • Notebook or paperback book, (optional)
  • Knee braces, if needed
  • Prescription medicine, please inform your trip leader of any medications you are taking
  • Waterproof travel pouch
  • Vitamins, (optional)
  • Money, for tipping your trip leader (optional but appreciated, generally 10-15% of your trip cost based upon the quality of your experience)
INCLUSIONS Accommodation, Meals on trek, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Kitchen Tent, Permits, First Aid Kit, Trek Guide, Professional Services.
EXCLUSIONS Service Tax, Government service tax, Transport from Srinagar to Sonamarg and Naranag to Srinagar, Hotel Stay in Srinagar, Food during the transit, Insurance, Mules, Porter to carry personal luggage, non-camp meals, personal clothing and gear, waterproof river bag, fishing gear, and fishing license.
Dates Region Cost
05 July – 05 September Kashmir, J&K, India 11,999 INR

Iternary :

Day 1 From Srinagar (where we all meet) we head towards our base camp in Sonamarg.
Day 2 Sonamarg to Nichnai; 8-10 kms, 5-6 hours.
Day 3 Nichnai to Vishansar; 12 km, 5-6 hours.
Day 4 Enjoy the beauty of Vishansar and Kishansar Lakes and surroundings.
Day 5 To Gadsar via Gadsar Pass from Vishansar; 10-11 km, 4-5 hours.
Day 6 Gadsar to Satsar; 12 km, 5-6 hours.
Day 7 Satsar to Gangabal twin lakes; 8-9 km, 5-6 hours.
Day 8 Gangabal to Naranag. Then drive to Srinagar; 11 km, 5-6 hours .
Day 9 Srinagar to Gulmarg; 37 kms, 3-4 hours.
Day 10 Gondola ride till Mt. Affarwat top. Trek to Frozen Lake and back to Gulmarg.
Day 11 Depart for Srinagar Airport or Tourist Reception Centre.

Gear List

  • Back pack with rain cover (50 - 60 ltr).
  • Day pack with rain cover (20 - 30 ltr).
  • Good Hiking Shoes (rubber sole) (01 in no).
  • Rain suit (01 in no).
  • Sleeping pads (01 in no).
  • Headlamp (01 and spare batteries)
  • Hydration Pack (01 in no).
  • Fire starter/ matches/lighter (01 in no).
  • Walking stick (01 in no).
Great Lakes T&C